6 years ago I hired these guys to answer my phone calls and emails – I was skeptical about the whole outsourcing thing, but I decided to cautiously give it a shot. I was completely blown away on day 1 when I saw the quality I was getting! And 6 years later they are way more than just a contact center for us, I feel like they are my business partners because they do way more for my business than just answering phone calls and emails.

Julian FoxxCEO

I tried outsourcing before and was never super impressed. I mean, it wasn’t a total disaster but it wasn’t impressive either. I was launching a new product and was considering hiring internal staff when I got a “too good to be true” referral to these guys but I got the referral from a trusted source so I decided to hear what they have to say. I was immediately impressed with the phone call I had (with Courtney the CEO) that I referred two other clients to him right after the call. They are both working with him and are extremely happy with the service as I am.

Daniel LindsayOwner

Courtney and I met through a mutual friend and two weeks after we met I was at his office to see with my own eyes what was going on before I decided to make a move. I was very impressed and a couple months later we started working with Happy Customers. Trust is a big deal for me and having worked with Happy Customers, there is no other company or people I would trust more than them! Besides that, the quality of service I get and the price I pay is just crazy! I have never been more happy working with a provider than I have been with Happy Customers.

Kent BickmoreCEO

We started out working with freelancers and it was a nightmare! Our calls were going unanswered, the agents weren’t reliable, and being in the subscription business, that can have devastating effects on MIDs, refund rates and your entire business. We desperately needed a solution and went searching and found Happy Customers! All I can say is, it’s been 3 years with them and we are very Happy Customers.

Beverly CrandonPartner